Digital Lock – Smart Glass Door Lock EDLK-GL1


Stok 100


Smart Glass Door Lock EDLK-GL1 Features

  • Wi-Fi Connection with App
  • 360° Fingerprint Recognition
  • LCD Screen
  • Auto Lock
  • Bell Button
  • Easy Installation
  • For Sliding and Swing Glass Door
  • New Generation Semiconductor Sensor
  • New Intelligent High Speed Processor
  • Up to 12mm Glass Thickness
  • Lock & Unlock Record
  • Real Time Push Notification
  • Easy Setting from App
  • Smooth Motor Works
  • Eco Battery Technology
  • Temporary Password for Guest
  • Low Battery Reminder
  • Encrypted Network
  • Emergency Powerbank Slot
  • Minimalist Design
  • Anti Scratch Pinpad
  • Intelligent Link to Other Smart Device
  • Multi User Support (Up to 300 user)


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